Gnupg for Windows and key generation?

Severi Salminen severi.salminen at
Tue Oct 19 11:15:46 CEST 2004

I created 2 keys with the Windows version of GnuPG (on WinXP). The
entropy gathering process was actually quite fast lasting a few seconds
maybe and I didn't have time to move the mouse or hit the keyboard
significantly. So:

1. How long does the entropy gathering last and how is it concluded that
enough entropy has been gathered?

2. Is there a way to prolong the process so that more user intervention
is possible? That would make me feel more secure ;-)

3. What are the actual factors that are "polled" during the period
besides mouse movement and keyboard?

4. What do all the symbols mean in the output: +, ., < and >? (Others?)

5. Would the usage of EGD (Entropy Gathering Daemond) allow me to gather
entropy longer or is that even necessary?

6. If all the above information is available somewhere I'd appreciate a

Thanks in advance!

Severi Salminen

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