question about expired key

Sohail Mamdani sohailm01 at
Wed Sep 1 00:35:59 CEST 2004


While creating a new key with GNUPG, I choose to have it expire on
August 19, 5 pm (this was obviously a while ago, well before August
19). I even included a comment that states that this key would expire
on the aforementioned date. I then uploaded the public key to a

Problem is, it's been well past Aug 19 and I still don't have any
indication that this key has expired. A search on the MIT public key
server shows the key itself, but does not indicate that this key has

Any ideas? I created this key as a test to learn more about GNUPG and
didn't mean to use it on a regular basis...

If anyone wants to check it out, the key in question is for the email
address sohailm at

Sohail Mamdani

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