Question about FAQ section 7.1

Neil Williams linux at
Sat Sep 25 00:24:17 CEST 2004

On Friday 24 September 2004 10:41 pm, David Shaw wrote:
> I have backups of my secret key off of my HD, burned onto a CD and
> stored in a secure place.  Don't forget one of the best backup
> methods: export the secret key packet with ASCII armor and print it
> out.  Paper generally is the safest thing out there in terms of media
> decay.  If all else fails, I can re-type the thing in.


> David

(Which kind of legislates against large key sizes!!)

I keep print outs of revocation certificates because they are truly short - 3 
or 4 lines. My secret key is more like 50 lines. I would have to be truly 
desperate to type, check and re-check all those characters. I'm generally a 
good typist, but I wouldn't like to try that little exercise! I think I'd 
find it easier to recreate the more important signatures on a new key.



Neil Williams
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