gpg 1.2.6 fails to create ~/.gnupg on Solaris

Lee Johnson jleejj at
Sun Sep 26 05:57:16 CEST 2004

> This is a known problem.

Thanks for all the quick replies to ~/.gnupg creation issue.  

I actually dug around in the code enough to figure out the problem, but I
thought it was working properly on my Gentoo Linux install.  Now I find
that I am using GPG 1.2.4 in Linux and installing GPG 1.2.6 in Solaris.

Instead of using the fix in CVS I just added a few more lines to the user
setup script for now:

if [[ ! -d ~/.gnupg ]]; then
    mkdir ~/.gnupg
    chmod 700 ~/.gnupg
    cat /usr/share/gnupg/options.skel | awk '{if (NR > 3) {print;}}' >


... along with a call to a script which will perform FIPS140-1 randomness
tests on the locally running EGD.  


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