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Can you please advise me on how you guys get your message sent to gnupg-users at I did join the list about two weeks ago. Up till now, none of the request that I sent to the group ever went through. I have been sending my request in plain text. Can you please forward this request to the organization for me? 


Gbenga Abimbola

**** beginging of request *****

How do you generate a revocation certificate? I did the following, but it returned an error:

gpg -output revoke.asc --gen-revoke mykey   (mykey is "gbenga", which is the comment that I supplied before the key was generated")

The error message that I got was:

gpg: WARNING: using insecure memory!

gpg: please see for more information

So, the revocation certificate was not created. 


**** end of request ****

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> Johan Wevers wrote:
> > machine, GnuPG worked fine but WinPT gave the error that WS_32.dll
> > was missing. Can I just copy that file from a newer windows version?
> Yes. I also did it in the past. It works.
> > Is win95 supported at all?
> Do you ask if WinPT still supports W95? Not really. It works without
> any problems but I won't add any W95 specific code. A company which
> name I forgot even stopped to maintain W98 so I don't see a reason
> to support W95. And on the other hand I don't think _much_ people
> still use it.
>     Timo

Microsoft retreated later on W98:

Windows 98 gets support reprieve 
by Staff, ZDNet Australia
January 12, 2004, 10:45 GMT,39020330,39119028,00.htm

> Although support for the older operating systems was due to end 
> shortly, Microsoft has announced that it will be extended 
> Microsoft has extended support for Windows 98, Windows 98 SE and 
> Windows ME. 
> The software giant has extended support for the operating systems 
> until 30 June, 2006. During that time paid over-the-phone support 
> will be available, and "critical" security issues will be 
> reviewed and "appropriate steps" taken. 
> [...]
> The support expiration dates for all three of the older operating 
> systems was made the same in the interests of clarity, he said. 
> "We made the decision to also lengthen support for Windows 98 and 
> Windows ME customers through the same date in order to provide a 
> clear and consistent date for support conclusion for all of these 
> older products," Beck explained. 
> [...]

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