How to set default subkeys?

Gerhard Siegesmund jerri at
Thu Apr 7 15:21:43 CEST 2005

Hello all

I have a question, which maybe is very silly. Most likely I don't get
the concept behind subkeys. Unfortunately I couldn't find any
information about all this in the available documents.

I was playing around with my brand new SmartCard. Thinking about
putting *additional* signing, encrypting and authorization keys on it,
based on my already used jerri at

Fortunately I made a backup before I began playing with my secret
keyring. :)

Problem is as follows:

It seems gnupg uses the last created key as the default key to use. So
if I want to sign something gpg asks me to enter the smart card.
Similar with encryption. Instead of the 2048bit-Key I created once, the
new 1024 Key on the smardcard is used. So I can't decrypt the new
documents without the smartcard.

So, my question is: How do I set the default keys to use? Especially if
I make my new subkeys public. How do the people know which encryption
subkey to use?

How can I set the key to use for encryption (if I encrypt things for
myself, or for the encrypt-to-Option.)

Or in other words: Is there somewhere a really detailed documentation about
using and managing subkeys?

Thanks for any help!

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