Problems encrypting binary with GnuPGMe

mconahan at mconahan at
Mon Apr 11 22:26:20 CEST 2005

mconahan at wrote:

> Hi everyone,
>    I was wondering if anyone has come across problems encrypting 
> binary with GnuPGME?  My app is using GnuPGME to PGP-Inline encrypt 
> MIME; however, my app is having problems with encrypting binary file 
> attachments, after they have been base64 decoded.  My app using the 
> GnuPGME function gpgme_op_encrypt to encrypt; the function mentions 
> that is accepts plaintext (nothing mentioned about binary data), so I 
> maybe out of luck here.  I just wanted to see if anybody has any 
> ideas/workarounds.
> Thanks,
> Michael
Despite the plethora of responses I received, I was able to solve the 
problem.  FYI, GnuPGME can encrypt binary files just fine. 

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