GNUPG library for C#?

Alan Zak azak at
Wed Apr 20 16:02:24 CEST 2005

Hello, I am new to C# coding.  I have managed to create a console
application which opens a process (ProcessStartInfo, etc) to run the gpg.exe
with a given set of arguments.

I would love to be able to eliminate the usage of the EXE, and instead
integrate GPG's functionality in the form of a DLL or COM object.

I've scoured the web via Teoma and Google, and have found a few references
to people who have written their own "wrappers" to incorporate GPG
functionality without reliance on the EXE.  Unfortunately these led to dead
or stale links, and further I have never created my own wrapper in the way
these folks describe.

If I might find this info by searching the archives please let me know,
otherwise if someone could please direct me to some helpful info I would be
most appreciative.

Thank you!

-- Alan

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