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Mon Apr 25 13:15:17 CEST 2005

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Matthijs Mohlmann wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to write a plugin for gaim to get GPG encryption support in
> gaim. Now i came across the following. I want the user to choose their
> secret key. How can i do this ? I have the following piece of code and
> read the documentation several times but it seems impossible (i think i
> misread the documentation)
>   if (!err) {
>     err = gpgme_op_keylist_start(ctx, NULL, 0);
>     while (!err) {
>       uid = key->uids;
>       subkey = key->subkeys;
>       printf("%s: %s <%s>\n", subkey->keyid, uid->name, uid->email);
>       err = gpgme_op_keylist_next(ctx, &key);
>     }
>     gpgme_release(ctx);
>   }
> Problem with this code is that i don't have a "key" at that moment
> available. So i have to do something else.. but how can i do that ?
> I hope you can help me.
> Matthijs Mohlmann
> PS: i'm off the list so please CC me.

You may be interested in the OpenPGP code logic used by the Psi Jabber
client at:

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