Leave clearsigned content encoding alone, how?

Michael Kjorling michael at kjorling.com
Thu Aug 4 17:16:00 CEST 2005

On 2005-08-04 16:46 +0200, wk at gnupg.org wrote:
> Just say no to inline PGP!

Unfortunately quite a few people still use broken MUAs. Outlook
Express doesn't handle PGP/MIME in a good way, last time I looked
Eudora didn't do very well either (but admittedly, that was a while
ago), and several mailing list providers habitually block any message
containing anything other than text/plain parts. (Yahoo Groups, when
lists are set to disallow attachments, is one example.)

Since we do not live in a perfect world, where everyone's MUA adheres
to the relevant standards, and a lot of people (and people running
Microsoft software seem to me to be overrepresented in this group)
don't want to consider the fact that their software may be
misbehaving, there is a need to work around this. Inline PGP signing,
while far from perfect, avoids the problem of not being able to
communicate with a lot of people while meeting the need of
cryptographically signed e-mail.

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