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> I would like to sign all my mail, but I do not want to annoy people that
> have incompatible e-mail clients with extra attachment file or signature
> in the text of the message.
> Is it possible to send the signature in mail headers?

It's possible to engineer a MUA to do that, but there's no use without a
recipient who has the same magic box :-(

DomainKeys and similar schemes can authenticate you as a sender from a
particular network, but not specifically from your email address, nor
can they provide message authentication.

You're stuck with the standards if you want to communicate with others
using PKCS. If you want to make sure your message can be authenticated,
you'd best choose non-opaque ("clear") signing whether OpenPGP or
S/MIME. This way, you don't force the recipient to possess your public
key in order to read your message, or suffer other consequences should
their MUA lack support for your message type. If they want or have a
need to authenticate your message, they'll request your public key.

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