Arguments for inline PGP

Chris De Young chd at
Tue Aug 9 23:24:28 CEST 2005

> I primarily use inlined PGP because I'm tired of having my S/MIME signed
> mail bounced back to me as undeliverable because "pkcs7 signature is
> listed as a dangerous attachment on this server". What's so dangerous
> about a S/MIME signature?! Apparently, it's the same danger that's
> present in a PGP/MIME message - mail server admin stupidity.
> It's unfortunate, but it's prevalent - and that's why inlined PGP is a
> good thing. We can still retain message authentication despite the
> goof-ball between us and the recipient.

Why not just encrypt the mail, thus hiding the signature part from the

As far as the problem with Outlook, don't use it, and if you have to
send mail to Outlook users who complain, there's probably no point in
signing it in the first place -- they don't care and won't ever check

Maybe there are a few who wonder enough what it is you're sending them
to go figure it out; if so, that's a win, but I doubt it happens very
often.  :)

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