[outlgpg] Outlook 2003 problems

Timo Schulz twoaday at gmx.net
Wed Aug 10 20:03:20 CEST 2005

On Wed Aug 10 2005; 09:58, R. Jensen wrote:

> Outlook's Add-in Manager doesn't seem to know how to UNINSTALL an
> add-in. You can disable it, but that doesn't get rid of the entry.  :-(

In the case of the GPG Outlook plugin, it's no problem. Just register
the new version of gpgexch.dll and the procedure is done. Or if you
just overwrite the old gpgexch.dll, you even don't need to do this.

(make sure you also overwrite libgpgmedlgs.dll!)

> I then copied the libgpgmedlgs.dll to the system directory and
> ran the regsvr32 command as per the README.
> Any attempt to sign a message crashes Outlook.
> [Outlook 2003, SP1]

Do you use the version 0.99.4? It is known that earlier version of
the plugin can crash O2003/SP1.
> not saved. I set the 'Sign new messages by default', unset the
> 'Also encrypt message with the default key' and change the
> logfile and if I stop Outlook and restart these are gone.

I can't confirm this right now, but I suggest to update to 0.99.4
and then try again. We will provide a new version of the plugin in
the next week.

For users who uses the plugin and it crashes Outlook, it would be
useful to have the debug output of Dr. Watson. Please compress it
before you send it because it's very large. You can either send these
reports to outlgpg at g10code.com or to me (twoaday at freakmail.de) directly.


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