[outlgpg] Outlook 2003 problems

R. Jensen listreader at rhjensen.com
Thu Aug 11 00:06:25 CEST 2005

R. Jensen wrote:
> Where can I get the 0.99.4 version? I downloaded from
> http://www.g10code.de/p-outlgpg.html last week and that is
> the 0.99.2 version I'm having problems with. The link on that
> page still seems to be for 0.99.2.

Patrick Dickey helped me with this a bit.
I downloaded:
and installed it. Now, in the explorer windows the dll does
show up a 0.99.4, but the tab in Outlook says 0.99.3.

It still doesn't work. Both the crash on signing and the
Invalid Crypto Engine on verification occur. And the preferences
are not saved. But now I'm getting a dialog about
"Save options in the registry". When I start Outlook, I
get one that initially says "Access is denied" and then
five more that I have to click on that say:
"Operation completed successfully".
Similarly, if I go to the tab and change options, I have
to click on five dialog boxes when I close the tab.
>>>For users who uses the plugin and it crashes Outlook, it would be
>>>useful to have the debug output of Dr. Watson. Please compress it
>>>before you send it because it's very large. You can either send these
>>>reports to outlgpg at g10code.com or to me (twoaday at freakmail.de) directly.
> How do I enable this?

Patrick also tried to help me with this.
I enabled Dr. Watson, but it does not come up and no log is created
when Outlook crashes. When I try to sign a message, I get a dialog
"Microsoft Office Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close."
I have the option to send an error report to Microsoft or not.

If I go into regedt32, and go to:
I see the following values:
Auto     1
Debugger drstsn32 -p %ld -e %ld -g
(and a PreVisualStudio7Debugger with the same value)

So, it looks like Dr. Watson is enabled, but isn't getting invoked?


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