[outlgpg] Outlook 2003 problems

Richard Sperry sysop at sperryservices.com
Thu Aug 11 22:30:40 CEST 2005

When ol2003 dumps it should dump files to a temp dir.  I am attempting to make it dump to get you those. I am a non-checked XP Pro
SP2. With non-checked Office 03 Pro SP1

Also Richard is on a corp. network, which I am assuming has GPO's in affect.  So even if they allowed him to be a LOCAL (Machine)
admin, it would not allow him to write to some area's of the registry that the DOMAIN or GPO's specify as restricted.  

I can do some GPO research if you can give me a list of the .94 keys it want to write.

In my last test of the plug-in that your version from your site of GnuPG would work, but the main stream does not. 

Will get more info when my Outlook behaves, it keeps asking for c:\windows\system32\gpgexch.dll as not present.  Grrr


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On Thu Aug 11 2005; 12:29, R. Jensen wrote:

> As to permissions, I checked and I'm in the administrators group
> on my machine--I can't think what other permissions I'd need. :-)

Then it's propably a bug. But I never got such a message so it is
propably a combination of some 'events'.

>   Dr. Watson doesn't seem to get invoked, just Microsoft's
>      Error reporting.
>   I can't copy Microsoft's report content.

I'm not sure about the details they present. Useful would be a
'stack backtrace'. But I'm not sure how they call it and if they
provide it at all.

> After all the modules, there is information about different threads,
> but without being able to copy the contents, I don't know what
> information would be helpful.

I guess this is the information I need. And something like CTRL+A
CTRL+C does not work?

> I'll be glad to try the next version, but I don't see there
> is anything more I can do with this one.

You already did a lot, thanks.


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