Newbie: Sharing GnuPG info betn Windows and Linux

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Tue Aug 16 15:45:03 CEST 2005

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Shriramana Sharma wrote:
> I am a newbie to Linux and GnuPG and I have only today downloaded: GnuPG
> Windows Installer, GnuPG Linux Source Code, GnuPT and GPG Shell. I have
> Windows XP, SuSE 9.3 and Fedora Core 4 running on my system.
> First I have created my public and private keys using KGPG on SuSE 9.3.
> (I always use KDE.) Now I wish to transfer this to Windows and use the
> same keys from both Linux and Windows.
> I have read The GNU Privacy Handbook PDF file, but it gives all
> instructions based on the command line, and does not help me beyond how
> to create keys etc.

You will need to have some way of transferring files between Windows and
your Linux filesystems (FAT32/NTFS and ext2/3), and some way of
synchronising your keyring(s) between them. One option might be to use a
USB drive of some sort.

> I wish to use PGP encryption on:
> Windows:
>  SeaMonkey Mail Client
>  Explorer

SeaMonkey is a branch of Mozilla, right? You will need Enigmail - should have it...

GPGshell should give you context menus in Explorer.

> Linux:
>  SeaMonkey Mail Client
>  KMail
>  Konqueror

I believe that there is also a plugin available for KMail.

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