GPG 1.4.2 errors

David Shaw dshaw at
Sun Aug 21 04:31:39 CEST 2005

On Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 08:53:08PM +0930, Alphax wrote:
> I imported the key with GPG 1.4.2 with:
> import-options repair-pks-subkey-bug import-clean-sigs import-clean-uids
> set in gpg.conf and it gave the "assuming bad signature" thing, then
> carried on as normal. Re-importing it through GPGshell cleaned 2
> signatures, but re-importing through gpg on the command line added the
> sigs again. Even re-importing using:
> gpg --import-options repair-pks-subkey-bug --import-options
> import-clean-sigs --import-options import-clean-uids --recv-keys 0xE0BB4BCD
> on the command line re-added the signatures, but --edit-key clean
> removed them again.
> This definately seems like a bug. Fortunately, my keyring didn't bork
> itself...

No, it's not a bug.  You didn't set the right option.  If you want to
clean keys on --import you set --import-options.  If you want to clean
keys on keyserver recv, you set --keyserver-options.


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