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On August 1st...Maxine Brandt died in Hospital.  The COD was a chronic
lung infection.  Below I am including the Post I placed on PGPNET, in
addition to some comments included to other folks.

 Maxine was the 2nd PGP contact I ever made and at the time of her
passing was the Very Best On-Line Friend I've ever had.  She "demanded"
that I switch to Foxfire & Thunderbird. (of course, She always said that
if Mozilla ever caved in and allowed T-Bird to archive decrypted mail,
She'd drop it and never trust it again.)  When I wanted to "try" GPG she
steered me to Nullify and told me to "Stay There until another Nullify
version is released!"  Yet, whenever another build of GPG came along she
patiently walked me through installing it and getting it working.  Below
is the Post to PGPNET.....

She was a Journalist for RFO based in Tahiti.  She loved working on
stories about Government corruption.  She broke the story about the 800+
gov't employees receiving Direct Deposit paychecks to a Bank in the
Caymen Islands.  Trouble was, no one could actually "lay hands" on any
of them.  Caused a topple of the local Government in Tahiti that
actually resulted in "the People" occupying the President's House while
he was in Paris trying to "explain things."

The lung condition was the result of something toxic she breathed while
covering a story several years ago.  After the story broke in Tahiti she
was transfered to London (I actually met her as She passed through
Atlanta), but due to the weather, had much trouble breathing so
requested re-assignment back to either Tahiti or New Zealand.  She got
Tahiti; and I learned how to "cuss" in French as she described "passing
her things" in a plane while they were traveling by ship in the other

She mailed me a huge box of software to forward for her, but being lazy
I was able to send it right back to her.  Of course I kept the CD's she
earmarked for me, that's how I managed to upgrade to M$ 2000 Pro from
98se at no cost.  I am also in love with the gift of Executive
Diskkeeper Pro 9....automatic defragging whenever it is needed.  I was
in the middle of learning how to compile GPG Binaries when my old PC
failed.  Once I have time/energy to parse my old HD (now a slave on this
PC) for the saved emails and "tools" I hope to continue learning on my
own.  I still have a long list of questions I was gonna ask her once I
got back on-line.  S*** Happens!


She did once tell me that she found "Rites of Death" very depressing and
when Her time came....she hoped that all of her friends would get
together for a fantastic Chineese Banquet followed by all night drinking
& dancing.

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