Sharing key and rings between two boxes

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Sun Aug 21 14:49:59 CEST 2005

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    Was Sun, 21 Aug 2005, at 08:37:41 +0100,
    when Sean wrote:

> I use GnuPG mainly on my Linux box but I also want to use it on my XP
> box, is there anyway to share the keys safely between the both

There is, yes, but it would help if you would be more specific, as to
that what you exactly want, so a more specific answer would be possible.
If you want to _share_ the same key ring(s) between these two OSs, these
keys might be placed e.g. on an independent/separate partition which
could be read by both OSs. This way both versions of GPG installed on
Linux and XP(ee?) could "ask" (`gimmiekey') for the keys from their
respective OSs. This was the way I was practising for a short while,
wishing to have only one place where I would keep my keys to share them
between several OSs and their respective GnuPG installations. This is
one of examples:

      hda 9                                    hda6 (E:/)
      _____                                    __
      Linux                                    XP (some Win file system)
      *****                                    **
      \GnuPG/                                  \GnuPG win32/
       |                                               |
       |                                               |
       |                hda17                          |
       |                _________________              |
       |                some WIN/DOS|vfat file         |
       |                system since Win               |
       |                cannot read Linux              |
       |                *****************              |
       |                                               |
       \-gimmiekey-->   \key ring(s)/   <----gimmiekey-/

So, you just in your GnuPG configuration files point to the path where
the keys are.

You also might have the keys even on a diskette, or some similar
"removable" "data keeper", setting/sicking the GnuPGs on the floppy, or
other sort of a, drive. This is even better/safer.

Another way is to keep the keys on this XP's GnuPG installation,
configuring Linux's GnuPG installation to "evoke" them from XP
(providing that the Linux's kernel can read NTFileSsystem; if not, you
would have to vamp up a bit the kernel adding the feature to read/seduce
this NTFS too). Etc.

Have I got what you meant, Sean?


  And while we are already on/into it, I myself could ask someone for a
 little help too... Namely, now I keep my keys on a small(er) encrypted
        PGP container, which can fit a 1.44 floppy, for the use with my
  respected Win{d|bl}ows OSs. For my Linuxes (Gentoo and Vector) I keep
   the keys on a diskette with ext2 file system. Now, what I would love
 best is to have an _encrypted_ partition/"container" which I could use
  from both OSs, and to place my keys in there. Is that possible and if
     yes how? I couldn't catch more time to devise/monkey out something
               better than the above said and am thankful for any hints.

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