How do I read this stuff?

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Lance W. Haverkamp wrote:
> When I check the signatures on my key there are several indicators which
> I can't find described anywhere:  Between the sig! and the key ID there
> are 1,2 or 3 on the left & right; sometimes a P and/or N perhaps others
> notations as well.  Where do I find a description of what each of these
> mean?  How do I read this stuff?
> Command> check
> sig!3        561D5E6F 2004-09-01  [self-signature]
> sig!       1 633F6D07 2004-12-17  Robert Golovniov
> sig!1   P    C521097E 2004-10-23  Robot CA
> sig!    P    65D0FD58 2004-11-12  [User ID not found]
> sig!       1 3C4A1809 2004-12-08  GSWoT - Gossamer Spider Web of Trust

- From the man page:

- --list-sigs [names]
          Same as --list-keys, but the signatures are listed too.

          For each signature listed, there are several flags in between
          the "sig" tag and keyid.  These flags give additional  infor-
          mation  about  each  signature.  From left to right, they are
          the numbers 1-3 for certificate check level (see  --ask-cert-
          level),  "L"  for  a  local  or non-exportable signature (see
          --lsign-key), "R"  for  a  nonRevocable  signature  (see  the
          --edit-key  command  "nrsign"), "P" for a signature that con-
          tains a policy URL (see --cert-policy-url), "N" for a  signa-
          ture  that contains a notation (see --cert-notation), "X" for
          an eXpired signature (see --ask-cert-expire), and the numbers
          1-9  or  "T"  for  10  and  above to indicate trust signature
          levels (see the --edit-key command "tsign").

- --check-sigs [names]
          Same as --list-sigs, but the signatures are verified.

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