legal status of GnuPG in China?

Wang Paul paulwang2 at
Sat Aug 27 01:16:46 CEST 2005

> > > Can you elaborate on this? How recent is your information? I have
> > > colleagues in China who are using GnuPG and have assured me that there is
> > > no current restriction to using cryptography, ether GnuPG or IPsec
> > > tunneling.
> >
> > It's *illegal* judged from the law mentioned above, but as far as I
> > know there's no trouble in using GnuPG, at least for now. Anyway, the
> > number of people who know of GnuPG is still quite small, maybe too
> > small for the govt to care about.
>  Hopefully, on both counts.

For those who believe it matters to debate whether gpg is legal in
China, or to believe the economic investments into China helps to
bring democracy or functional judicial system there, did you know on
MSN China, "democracy" and "freedom" are banned words, among with many
other words?  Microsoft claims that they need to obey local laws, of
course Gates selectively ignored the constitution there which states
freedom is protected ...

As a real eye opener, check out
Please rest assured that the killer is promoted instead of sentenced. 
 And keep in mind this is merely one of the millions cases in the last
decades there, where "law" is a tool to persecute innocent people by
the Chinese Communist Party to maintain its illegal power grabbed and
maintained by guns, which can be arbitrarily and selectively applied,
or invented on demand,  with retrospective power, of course.

So back to the question, yes, you are safe if you pgp loveletter to
your sweatheart, or even to pgp your trade secret of manufacturing
chocolate, but your life is in line if you try to tell people your son
is tortured by CCP to death, pgp'ed or not.

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