OpenPGP card and gpgme

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Dec 14 14:02:09 CET 2005

On Sat, 10 Dec 2005 15:24:17 +0100, Bernhard Walle said:

> I use a OpenPGP card for signing and encrypting mails together with
> Sylpheed Claws which uses gpgme. It works fine with two exceptions:

>  - If the card is not inserted before the passphrase should be entered,
>    Sylpheed hangs. So I have to insert the card first (which I normally
>    do, anyway).

You are not using gpg-agent, right?  In general the apssphrase call
back should work too but it is often problematic.  You are better off
in any case to use gpg-agent.

>  - The User-ID is not diplayed but the string "[no user id]").
>    From the source code I expect it's missing in the uid_hint
>    parameter of the gpgme_passphrase_cb_t function.

Not sure about this.  We are currently working on an updated Sylpheed port
to Windows and while doing this we will for sure also check out this
problem because there is no well working gpg-agent for Windows yet and
thus we need to make the passphrase callback working.  So, please have
some patience in case you can't use gpg-agent.



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