Are gpg signatures considered attachments?

Chris cpollock at
Tue Dec 27 03:30:36 CET 2005

On Monday 26 December 2005 11:43 am, Johan Wevers wrote:
> Chris wrote:
> >I know that is probably a lame question, however, I'm on several mailing
> >lists that are bouncing my messages back to me because they are signed.
> > The list owners are telling me this is because they don't allow
> > attachments.
> You could switch to inline signatures instead of attached signatures.

I've switched to that method, however, Kmail shows Inline OpenPGP as 
deprecated. On the Mandriva Newibe list signatures using OpenPGP/MIME show 
up as bad while those using Inline OpenPGP show up as good. Not sure if the 
fault lies in Kmail and/or the ML software configuration. I've already 
received quite a few off-list replies explaining the pros and cons of 
inline signatures.


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