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I just got in charge of some of the Linux- und Unix- Servers at the
University of Salzburg. One of my tasks is to generate a possibility for
our organizational unit to communicate safely via Email and store data
encrypted. For some reasons I thought of implenting this on base of

Maybe you can help me with some ideas. I'm searching the web and I'm
writing to others as well, but since this is a big task, I want as many
opinions as I can get:

I need plugins for many different clients. Unfortunately most of the
users have MS Outlook for their primary Mail Client, so I need a plugin
which does well with it and isn't too complicated to use. Although we
are the IT department, we have many administrative employees who are not
all too willing to dive into some "techie mumbo jumbo". Do you have any

I think, it would be a could idea to create our own CA. Maybe you have
some experiences to share? How many people should have access to the CAs
passphrase and secret key, what if one of them leaves us, what if an
employee with a signed key leaves, etc.

Maybe it would even be an option to create an own keyserver. Is this
useful or would it be far too overpowered?

Thanks a lot,
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