capacity of keyring

Sascha Kiefer sk at
Fri Feb 4 12:16:57 CET 2005

When do you think that 1.9.x is going to be realeased?
Or how "stable" is 1.9 right now?

Holger Sesterhenn schrieb:

> Hi,
>> Do you know how many keys can you put into a keystore and
>> still be fast?
>> What happens when I put 10.000 keys in there? What about 100.000 keys?
> I have done some tests with dumps from a HKP keyserver (> 20MB of 
> data, 25000 keys, SuSE Linux 9.x and own Linux distribution).
> GnuPG 1.2.3 crashed during import after about 2500 keys. GnuPG 1.3.9X 
> and 1.4.0 did the job but terribly slow.
> It took more than 6 hours to '--import' on a P-IV/2,4 MHz (512 MB RAM, 
> 40 GB ATA)  and was only a bit faster on a dual P-IV/3 Mhz (2 GB RAM, 
> SCSI with 64 MB Cache controller).
> It's because GnuPG has to scan the whole keyring again and again if 
> you append keys to it. It's an exponential behaviour.
> GnuPG is still a client software not designed to handle such an amount 
> of keys.
> But as Werner mentioned, this may change in future releases ;-).

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