Signing a Key

Nicholas Cole npcole at
Sat Feb 5 18:39:41 CET 2005

 --- David Shaw <dshaw at> wrote: 


> Similarly, by default GnuPG ignores 0x11 signatures.
> Like issuing them, this doesn't stopanyone from
> accepting 0x11 signatures.  Any user who cares to
> opt-in via "--min-cert-level 1" and accept any
> signatures they like.  Given that the whole point of
> an 0x11 signature is to say "I didn't check AT ALL",
> ignoring them by default is safer than accepting


Dear David,

Without wishing to question any of the defaults, which
I think make perfect sense, could I just point out
that the man page does not make it clear that level 0
signatures are ALWAYS accepted, regardless of the
min-cert-level?  As I read it at the moment, it seems
to suggest that by default level 0 and level 1
signatures are both ignored, which I'm sure is not the



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