"http" & "finger" keyserver schemes

ms419 at freezone.co.uk ms419 at freezone.co.uk
Mon Feb 7 05:52:00 CET 2005

I don't get how to receive keys using using the "http" & "finger" 
keyserver schemes.

I tried some variations on -

	gpg --keyserver finger:wk at g10code.com --recv-keys

	gpg --keyserver "http://eatflamingdeath.com/~dleslie/pubkey.asc" 

- but nothing I tried worked. Receiving keys from "ldap" or "hkp" 
keyservers is no problem -

	gpg --keyserver ldap://keyserver.pgp.com --search-keys Lypkie

	gpg --keyserver hkp://pgp.mit.edu --search-keys Demwell

Frustratingly, I couldn't find examples on the web or in the 
documentation of using "http" or "finger" keyserver schemes. Can anyone 



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