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Rhea Felipe wrote:
> Hi, Im new to GnuPG and email encryption. A friend of
> mind sent me a public key (0x123ABCD5) and he wants me
> to encrypt my emails for him. 
> How do I do this?
> I am using Enigmail with Mozilla Thunderbird Ver. 0.8

If his email address is on one of the User IDs on the key, you simply
compose an email message to him and select to Encryptthe message, either
by toggling the key in the lower right of the message composition pane, or
by selecting Encrypt from the Enigmail pull-down menu in the same panel.

If his email address is does not match any UID, a key selection window
should popup so long as 'Display selection when necessary' is selected in
Enigmail's preferences. If this is the case, you may wish to define a key
selection rule for this recipient.

More Enigmail specific help is available at the Enigmail site,, and the enigmail mailing list,
enigmail at

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