Backup with encryption

Mads Munch Hansen mads at
Wed Feb 16 14:13:43 CET 2005

Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:
>>>I work actually on a system of backup on my server and to secure my data i
>>>encrypt it with gnupg. But i have a problem, actually i have export my
>>>public key and i don't know how to export my secret-key because if i have a
>>>crash on my server all my data could not be decryt because i haven't the
>>>secret key i have made a test. Then my question how can i made a backup ok
>>>my secret-key to decrypt my data before a crash?
> You could also use plain-old symmetric encryption:
> gpg -ca yourfile
> (the "a" is optional but makes the files easy to recognize and send through
> email)
> The only thing you have to worry about then is forgetting the password.
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> Greg Sabino Mullane greg at
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That would mean he would have to input a passphrase everytime he does a
backups, or make a script that does it for him, which could be a
potential security risk. By using a public key, the backups can be done
unatended with no risk of passphrase being compromised if the script(s)
are. (it would be a good idea nontheless to keep the secret key on
another system though)

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