SHA1 broken?

Kiefer, Sascha sk at
Wed Feb 16 17:12:07 CET 2005

Not really true.
If your wall is 100 meters (i dont how to calculate in foot) high,
and the ratio is 2^69 / 2^80 then your wall will be about 5 centimeters 
high. Which is actually a big difference. But it's that it is still higher
than the MD5 wall. :)

On 16. Februar 2005 15:44, David Shaw wrote:
> However, in the real world this doesn't seem like a very 
> useful attack.  It's rather like someone pointing out that 
> the 100 foot high wall around your house is only 50 feet 
> high.  True, the wall is not as tell as claimed, but it's 
> still probably taller than it needs to be. To put this in 
> perspective, the "broken" SHA-1 is stronger than MD5 was 
> thought to be before the MD5 breaks were discovered (MD5 was 2^64).

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