subkeys problem

Andy Smith andy at
Wed Feb 16 23:23:38 CET 2005

Hi folks,

I have a gpg key, which can be found at or on keyservers; 0xBF15490B.

A while ago I decided to revoke the encryption key and generate a
new encryption key with 2048 bits instead of 1024.  I thought it had
worked so went ahead and revoked the encryption subkey, 0x9EE99022.
The new encryption subkey is 0x604DE5DB.

The problem is that, I still receive things encrypted to 0x9EE99022.
I tell people to make sure they have imported my key and when they
try they tell me that they get "subkey errors".  I also note that
some keyservers contain a version of my key with no reference to the
subkey 0x604DE5DB.  I try to upload a new version but nothing seems
to happen.

Someone said this was something to do with subkeys and that I should
use the keyserver  Using that keyserver I can
upload something that does seem to represent my key properly, but
others (who also use gpg) cannot get my key from there.

So my questions are..

- Did I do something stupid?

- Is it recoverable without having revoke my keys entirely and start
  again with new ones?

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