Newsgroup signing error

Jason Barnett jason.barnett at
Thu Feb 17 00:37:57 CET 2005

Stewart V. Wright wrote:
> G'day possible Person Impersonating Jason,  ;-)

I know, I know.  I've just started using GPG and don't have anyone in my
web of trust yet... still working on that part :)

> * Jason Barnett <jason.barnett at> [050216 13:41]:
>><sigh>I suppose it would be a better test if I had actually signed my
> Your signature failed.
> Have you tried emailing yourself and then replying with your '...'
> and checking that?

Yep... my message gets signed correctly.

> Have you tried using one of the testing newsgroups for testing?

I didn't know those existed.  I have posted messages to several
newgroups, but if you tell me which group(s) are out there for this
purpose I will gladly try that.

> Have you tried getting your news from some other online source (like
> Google)?

I *was* doing everything through my newsreader; I will try that as well.

> Have you tried anything except mailing us?

Absolutely!  When I first set everything up my first tests were emails
to myself to see if I created good signatures.  I even tested encryption
to make sure that encrypted messages went through ok, and finally I sent
messages that were both encrypted *and* signed to myself to see if those
checked out ok... which they did.

> It might be useful so we can exclude possible problems......
> Oh, just so you know it will work:
> ...

Yes, strange I know.  I had someone on the Enigmail mailing list suggest
that the news server and/or my reader might be adding an extra period
after the ellipses.  Now mind you I don't know who the culprit is, but I
did notice this behavior on several of the failed-signature messages.
So, I wrote here in the hopes of testing whether it's a reader issue or
a server issue.

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