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Stewart V. Wright swright at
Thu Feb 17 01:32:35 CET 2005

G'day Jason,

* Jason Barnett <jason.barnett at> [050216 17:55]:
> This makes sense (wish I had read this before my last message to this
> group!).  I have been using PGP/MIME rather than clear-signed messages
> all along.

Without wanting to start too much of a argument, it seems from my
reading that the preferred way of sending messages should be
PGP/MIME.  The benefits over inline signatures, including being able
to include attachments in the signed message and non-ASCII characters
are significant.

However, many people will disagree...

> > P.P.S  I'm intrigued.  Does your mailer verify my signature   
> >        as the previous line ended with a couple of spaces.
> FYI Thunderbird / Enigmail verified your signature as
> "UNTRUSTED Good signature from Stewart V. Wright
> <swright at>"

Well, as they say "every cloud has a silver lining" and at least
Thunderbird / Enigmail does the right thing for properly formatted

You can now trust what we tell you, even if we can't trust your
replies!  ;-)

Good luck with finding a solution.


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