subkeys problem

Andy Smith andy at
Thu Feb 17 02:13:58 CET 2005

Hi Jason,

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 07:34:28PM -0500, Jason Harris wrote:
> Your key on the SKS servers has a lot of subkey signatures
> misplaced on userids:


How should I go about cleaning that up?

> but it looks like most of its subkeys are in order:


> except for that nagging "gpg: key BF15490B: skipped subkey,"
> which would seem to refer to:
>  (NB:  output from
>  sub  4096g/788FA859 2002-07-25 [subkey, revoked?]
>       Key fingerprint = 43A9 5BF3 7FF4 76EE 4694  DBCB E47E 70A6 788F A859
>  sig  0x18  BF15490B 2002-07-25 [keybind, hash: type 2, 7f 15]
>  rev  0x28  BF15490B 2002-07-25 [keybind, hash: type 2, 21 78]
>  rev  0x28  BF15490B 2002-03-30 [keybind, hash: type 2, a9 dd]
> which only has bad signatures from other subkeys and isn't even
> importable from :

Thanks for that - what would you suggest I do to clean it up a bit
though?  0x788FA859 isn't even in my current key and I have no way
to remove information from key servers, right?

$ gpg --edit-key andy at
Secret key is available.

pub  1024D/BF15490B  created: 1998-08-12  expires: never       usage: CS
                     trust: ultimate      validity: ultimate
sub  2048g/604DE5DB  created: 2004-05-28  expires: never       usage: E
sub  2048g/9EE99022  created: 1998-08-12  revoked: 2002-03-30  usage: E
sub  4096g/AD7623D2  created: 2002-03-30  revoked: 2002-03-30  usage: E
sub  4096G/237C258F  created: 2002-03-30  revoked: 2004-05-28  usage:
sub  4096g/2F6F4447  created: 2002-07-25  revoked: 2004-05-28  usage: E
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