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Andy Smart asmart at
Mon Feb 21 09:06:30 CET 2005

I once asked an American friend when the US was going to metricate - his 
reply was "When Hell freezes over buddy"; as a result of 4 years in the 
UK he was convinced metric was easier but said that he couldn't see any 
reason for the US to change :-)

Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:
> Kiefer, Sascha wrote:
>> Not really true.
>> If your wall is 100 meters (i dont how to calculate in foot) high,
>> and the ratio is 2^69 / 2^80 then your wall will be about 5 
>> centimeters high. Which is actually a big difference. But it's that it 
>> is still higher
>> than the MD5 wall. :)
> Sascha, North Americans don't dig really well into prefixes of metric 
> system.  An example is that I always ask for 200 grams of mortadela in 
> local stores.  Asking for 20 dekagrams (as I would do back home in 
> Europe) is beyond conversion abilities of average North American.  And 
> this is in Canada where metric system is officialy in use.  I can only 
> imagine how bad the things are south of the border.  So, to put things 
> in perspective, 100 meter (328 feet) wall becomes 0.05 meter (aprox. 1 
> 31/32 inch) wall.
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