question on multiple public keys

Tue Feb 22 16:19:20 CET 2005


 Is there a way that we can add a second key to my file for gpg encryption?
Our DBA in the Import Team needs to have this done so that he can open our
file as well.  When this person is out of the office, no one else is able
to access your file unless they can access his computer.  We would like to
add another user to the keyring  so that he can access your data as well.

please advise!


I looked through some emails I saved and found this:

Yes, this is possible.  In each user's gpg.conf file, add a line

  keyring /path/to/the/shared/keyring.gpg

Note that when importing a key, each user will import to their own
local keyring unless they specifically state they want to import to
the shared keyring.  Likely you don't want the shared keyring to be
imported to by random users, so making it read-only is appropriate.

Derek B. Smith
OhioHealth IT
UNIX / TSM / EDM Teams

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