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Hi John,

On Friday, February 25, 2005, at 9:34:33 AM PST, you wrote:

> Another client that I've heard supports GnuPG is The Bat.

Indeed it does. Full integration with either GnuPG or PGP, including
PGP/MIME with both. The integrated support for both is built in, so
there's no need for third party plug-ins.

Though Windows users can use GnuPG as a purely command line program as
well, there are a couple of GUI front ends that can make it just as
easy, and in some ways better than using PGP in Windows (in my

Though it's not open source, "GPGshell" is a great GUI front end for
GnuPG in Windows, and just like PGPtray, PGPkeys, etc., can be used
with any email client or text editor, and also includes shell support.

Over the years, I've kept an eye on WinPT as well, and while this one
is open source, I've just never been as satisfied with it as I've been
with GPGshell, which I feel has always been both more polished and
more stable than WinPT.

Windows users of GnuPG interested in a GUI front end for GnuPG can
find GPGshell or WinPT here:




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