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markus reichelt ml at
Fri Feb 25 23:07:35 CET 2005

David Calvarese <dhcalva at> wrote:
> Ahhh! I remember Mutt fondly from when I used Linux all the time.
> As I have an IMAP server, Mutt doesn't really do it for me.  What
> didn't you like about TBird with Enigmail?

I prefer an email client on the console, in a screen session to be
precise. On my servers I have seldom a GUI available.

> > now if only Opera would support GnuPG... *sigh*
> That'd be a nice thing. :)

Yeah, I could exchange encrypted emails with the rest of the family :)

Somehow they stick to Opera and can't be bothered with TB

> I accidently sent this to Markus on his email account...  Anyone know
> how to get TBird to send mail to the group when I click reply?  This
> seems to be the only mailing list I have a problem with.

recently, Jason Barnett posted on this list: 

"T-bird does indeed allow you to reply to newsgroups.  Just change
the To: header from the dropdown box."

Does it work for you?

Bastard Administrator in $hell

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