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>Over the years, I've kept an eye on WinPT as well, and while this 
>is open source, I've just never been as satisfied with it as I've 
>with GPGshell, 



the most recent winpt's have not been there for some time now,

they are on Timo's site here:

while i agree with you that gpgshell has a 'smooth' PGP feel to it,
if the last time you checked winpt was from the sourceforge site,
you might consider looking at it again from the other link

new advantages:

(1) complete installer package, so that gnupg new users don't need 
to play with registry settings

[caveat: this makes it harder to install gpgshell afterwards, as 
there are some windows path details that gpgshell is fussy about,
if you already have gpgshell installed, just install winpt without 
the gnupg installer]

(2) ability to see all keys and keyid's that the message is 
encrypted to, directly from the decryption window

[gpgshell either just gives a passphrase entry window if you want 
to see the passphrase as you are typing it, but doesn't tell you 
which 'keyid' or even which key it is for,
or it gives you the gnupg command line interface to enter the 

also, winpt does not require the passphrase to be cached, in order 
to let you see the passphrase as you are typing it in,
and allows this for 'all' gnupg functions;
key generation passwords, key editing password changing, signing a 
key, etc. 

(3) ability to choose between the primary signing key, and the 
signing subkey
[gpgshell uses the gnupg default of using the latest signing subkey 
for signing, regardless of clicking on the 'primary' signing key]

(4) the key editing functions are all selectable in the key editing 
[gpgshell key editing just transfers you to the gnupg command line 
key editing interface]

(5) winpt provides 'wiping' to the same standards as eraser
(DoD or Gutmann settings)

smart card and encrypted disc containers (similar to pgpdisk and 
scramdisc) will be added in future versions

i would suggest trying 'both' gpgshell and winpt
and let users decide which they are happier with,

they can always keep 'both' and switch back and forth for whatever 
they find more convenient


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