GPG on USB drive

C. D. Rok cedar at
Mon Jan 10 01:54:55 CET 2005

 From a blurb in their press release (at
The goal of U3 LLC, based in Redwood City, California, is to transform
the USB flash drive market from simple storage devices into exciting new
consumer products that people can use to carry, store and launch their
own applications and data on any PC wherever they go...

Also of interest in this context:

There have been many discussions on this forum - a lengthy one just a
couple of weeks back - about the problems faced by many users who need
to run GPG in 'media-centric' (as opposed to 'computer-centric')
"modus operandi". It was my impression at the time that the developers
of GPG were convinced such use should be discouraged.

While I do not believe that whatever U3 consortium will hatch will
necessarily be the best way to go about it - for instance, there is no
multi-OS "statement of principle" in what was published so far - the
project does demonstrate a computer usage trend that GPG development
team should no longer ignore.

CD Rok

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