GPG on USB drive

Maxine Brandt torduninja at
Tue Jan 11 17:43:08 CET 2005

Werner Koch wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 10:27:18 -1000, Maxine Brandt said:
>>I've been testing such a compilation of 1.4.0 for e-mail and file
>>ecnryption for three weeks now without any problem, though it has a
>>few particularities which leave me with a lingering doubt that there
>>may be a nasty surprise waiting somewhere. (Maybe Werner or David
> You will get all the usual problem with relative filenames.  If you
> are only using one driver dropping the drive letter should not harm.
>   Werner

Thanks Werner. The relative filenames issue is one of the "particularities" I 
referred to.



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