GPG on USB drive

Maxine Brandt torduninja at
Tue Jan 11 22:36:59 CET 2005

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 22:06:53 +0000 "C. D. Rok" <cedar at> wrote:

> In such operation GPG would be self-contained and strictly isolated from
> the NET, only the mail client would be net- aware (note that the announced
> Thunderbird variant, mentioned in the original post, already assumes
> this would be possible - if not always, then in a sufficient number of
> instances to make it practical).

That's not my experience. In my area there are five places with public
computer access and in none of them can the portable Thunderbird or the gpg
keyserver helpers get past the firewall. I've also raised the question with
the IT people at three companies and the answer in each case was basically: if
it's possible our firewall's ****. But as far as work computers are concerned,
J.C.A. Wevers in another post in this thread goes into some detail of
posibilities, but they depend on what user permissions the host system has set.



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