Signing files

Mark Ivs markivs2003 at
Fri Jan 14 22:24:06 CET 2005

Can you llease clarify this...

Lets say, I have GnuPG installed in machine A. I
created a public key from machine A and I sent it to
my customer. I received their Public key also. 

I need to encrypt and sign the files and put it in my
ftp site and my customer will ftp it from there.
I am going to encrypt the files using their public key
and sign it using my private key.

The problem is, this encryption program will run on
Machine B. I have installed GnuPG in Machine B also. I
am thinking I can add the public key created from
Machine A to my key ring in Machine B. I know the
passphrase for the key I generated from Machine A. For
me to sign the files, do I need anything else from
Machine A? private key or other files??  

Please let me know. Thanks in advance. 


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