How to handle multipart messages (RFC 2440) and verify them with GnuPG?

Thomas Zangl - Home thomas at
Mon Jan 17 16:58:22 CET 2005


I am currently writing some kind of parser which extracts and attemps
to verify email messages signed / encrypted with GnuPG. 

Simple messages with just a plain/text body surrounded by a PGP
signature work quite good. I now have got a more complex mail. Please see

I played around but I cannot extract the neccessary mime parts for
verifying them with GnuPG. I always get "gpg: BAD signature from ..."

I played around with the message but I did not yet figured it out
which parts of the message are relevant for GnuPG (read: which parts
are covered by the GnuPG signature).

I would really appriciate any help :) I already spent 2 days with this
:-/ (RFC 1847, 2015, 2440 and 3156 do not have such an example..)
,yours Thomas Zangl -thomas at -TZ1-6BONE-
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