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Mark Ivs markivs2003 at
Mon Jan 17 19:28:28 CET 2005

David and Jim, Thank you very much for the response.

For automated signing to work, I followed the
instruction in

I followed the steps in the instructions and when I
try the following command,
gpg --recipient "XXX" --output $rootpath\\$filepgp
--batch --encrypt --sign $rootpath\\encrypted\\$file

I get the following error:
gpg: secret key parts are not available
gpg: no default secret key: general error
gpg: MYFILE-2004.pdf: sign+encrypt failed: general

Here's what I did to configure...
1. Let's say my pub key id is AAA. To Create sub key,
I typed:
gpg --edit-key AAA
addkey > DSA type
3. Let's say the sub-key I created has keyid 999
2. Listed keys: gpg --list-keys. It shows 1 pub and 2
subs keys
gpg --export-secret-subkeys --no-comment 999
3. Exported the sub-key by using the command:
gpg --export-secret-subkeys --no-comment 999
3. Copied, pubring.gpg and pgp.exe to a
C:\TEMP dir.
4. Renamed it to secring.gpg
5. gpg --homedir . --edit 999
6. command> passwd. It prompted for passpharase and I
entered it. Then it propmted for new passphrase. I
simply hit enter key without typing anything. Did it
again when asked for confirmation.
7. I didn't delete the other sub-key. 
8. Install secring.gpg as the secret keyring by typing

gpg --allow-secret-key-import -import

Can anyone please tell me where I am going wrong.
Thank you sooo much in advance!


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