GPA & keyserver setting

Mojo Rising mr_mojo_rising at
Tue Jan 18 10:46:42 CET 2005

I still can't get GPA to submit a key to a keyserver using the proxy 
specified by my http_proxy setting. I'm starting to think perhaps 
http_proxy is being respected by GPA after all, and instead it's the DNS 
lookup for the keyserver that's causing the failure.

Does GPA perform its own DNS lookup on the URL of the keyserver before 
it attempts to send the key via gpg? That could be a problem because the 
particular keyserver URL I'm specifying needs to be DNS resolved via the 
proxy (SOCKS 4A/5), otherwise the lookup will fail. gpg itself handles 
the DNS lookup correctly using my proxy.

Is there a way to make GPA defer to gpg for DNS lookup?

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