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Thu Jan 20 18:31:35 CET 2005

Bill Turner wrote:
> Hello,
> markus reichelt wrote:
> | David Vallier <timemaster at> wrote:
> |
> |>>Sorry folks I just realized that this list doesn't have a proper
> |>>reply to header, so when I click on reply it's sent to the
> |>>_originator_ of the message.
> I use Mozilla Mail, but this ought to be pretty much the same for T-Bird
> as well.  I used 'reply all' and set you as a 'cc' while I used the

T-bird does indeed allow you to reply to newsgroups.  Just change the 
To: header from the dropdown box.

> 'newsgroup' setting for the group email.  hope this works as I am
> expecting.  haven't yet managed to find a place to setup an address
> specifically as a 'newsgroup' for the replys.  Hope this helps.
> | sorry, I'm a die-hard mutt fan ;-)
> mutt does rock... :)
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