gpg-agent and trusted root certificates

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Jan 21 18:37:14 CET 2005

On Fri, 21 Jan 2005 13:13:04 +0100, Olaf Gellert said:

>> You need all the certificates up to the root before gpgsm will ask
>> you.  Another way to force it to ask is by using
>> gpgsm --list-keys --with-validation <id-of-root-cert>

I was wrong.  You won't get ask when doing a --with-validation. In
fact that would be a bad idea because it is used wth a list command
and thus you might get ask for many certificates.  I recall that this
was an annoying mproblem when I implemented --with-validation.

Either do an encryption ro signing.  I just tested it using encryption
of a end certificate and it works as expected.

Note that when manually changing trustlist.txt or gpg-agent.conf, you
need to give gpg-agent a HUP.



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