2.6.3i multi

C. D. Rok cedar at 3web.net
Fri Jan 21 20:20:52 CET 2005

Johan Wevers wrote:
> pgp 2.6.3i uses only IDEA and RSA. However, there exist pgp 2 versions that
> support other algorithms. Such a version is pgp263iamulti-06. Because the
> author died in a tragical accident I'm not sure if it can be easily found on
> the net, but I can mail it to you if you like.

Still has a large number of users. Search the net for the filename
"pgp263iamulti06.zip". md5sum on my copy (from way back) is:

3838cdaad19ec5a8014a9bcbf2e02092 *pgp263iamulti06.zip

It matches the copy currently available from:

It is also appropriate to mention here the author:

CD Rok

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