David Gray grayd at extenza-turpin.com
Wed Jan 26 13:47:14 CET 2005

The expert mode of PGP8.1 new key generation lists RSA, RSA-Legacy or
Diffie-Hellman/DSS as key types.  If I create a key using RSA on PGP8.1 and
import into GnuPG then exchange it with a site using PGP8.x this works
fine... am I missing something?   

There's quite a lot more to this than first meets the eye :-) 


PS - Is this a text only list-serv? 

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David Gray wrote:

>I've now taken a slightly different approach.  I've created a new key pair
>using PGP 8.1 and then imported both into my GnuPG keyring on VMS - all
>works fine.  Just need the supplier to try importing my new 8.1 public key
>into their 2.6.3 keyring... 

That won't work. With some work you can import the key if it's an v3 RSA key
not larger than 2048 bits (don't use idea for key encryption then or you
won't be able to import the secret key). I don't know if pgp 8.1 creates v3
RSA keys, pgp 2.x can't import v4 keys. GnuPG can't create them without a
patch (so without a recompile).

However, the messages encrypted with pgp 2.6.3i to such a key will still use
the IDEA symmetric algorithm.

If you want to communicate with users of unpatched pgp 2.x versions, you'll
really need to get IDEA integrated in GnuPG. On win32 a dll is sufficient,
but I don't know if the dynamic loading of algorithms works on VMS. If it
does, compiling the module and adding a line in gpg.conf will suffice.
Otherwise, you'll have to recompile.

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